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DSi gets release on April 5th in the US... or I can buy one now and have it in time for the trip... hmmm...


silly facebook supplanting lj...

Fight with a cat...

Fricking Carwash... I have 3 annoying scratches from him in the past 2 days... none were intentionally attacking me (batting at my feet while they were under a thin blanket), but I got my revenge on his furry butt today.

God I love Soft Claws..

There is something about his inability to cause me harm that makes me smile in vindication. That and watching him slide off the first thing he trys to jump on.

Fucking with people you don't like...

Why not just tape their license plate to yours and speed like a mofo (bonus if car is similar)



So 369 players in the final tourney...

And all that stands between me and playing is making it home in time.

I get off work at 2pm, and have a 47 minute drive home.


Anyone else make the final cut? (if not, grant me all of your poker mojo <3)

edit 2:56PM --- Made it home!

Dec. 16th, 2008


I'm in the WBCOOP final! Made the cut on todays NL Hold-em tourney... #52/559, with top 72 positions getting in... I'm just mad I didn't get a STEP ticket by like 7 positions..

Now how am I going to play with work on sunday... guess I need to borrow the aircard from my dad, and play on the way home, then get on my main computer...

God D&%#$T...

Good: Waking up on time
Bad: Driving in the Rain
Good: Getting breakfast for alice
Bad: My car trying to mate with a buick.
Good: No ones Hurt
Bad: The Driver of the other car is a mess, but not from me, but because her mom is dying
Good: Damage is minor, no deformation to her wheel whells, lower bumper is a mess, but no damage to trunk either, or taillights
Bad: Having to call my dad to tell him I was in an accident
Good: My car slid under hers basically since it's tiny and light weight, so damage to my car is minimal, a few popped screws on my front bumper, no radiator damage, only 1 busted headlight
Bad: well, needed more bad than good since it was an accident and my fault.


Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

The WBCOOP is an online Poker tournament open to all Bloggers.

Registration code: 167899


So my family is generally very harsh about bums at the stores... Most are druggies and winos, but there are a few that just fell and could never get up... Those we make sure get fed, and on occasion we do more for. I'm not sure if I could face the reality of not feeding some of my regular homeless patrons and finding out they died..

Going into the winter and holidays, give thanks you are more fortunate, and consider donating either time, money or food to a food bank, because I doubt many or any on here have experienced that level of want, but if you did, maybe a helping hand would save you.

I worry what the entitlement generation will do in the future... Meh...

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