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The ants go marching one by one....

So I think that Jenn really liked her b-day gifts, Can't go wrong w/ Chococat :D

That and a gameboy SP... She's becoming quite the pokemon nut ^_^.. Got her the flame one w/ pokemon ruby.. They match nicely...I also got her Boktai, the vampire hunter game w/ a light sensor.. It seems to be pretty nifty :)

Weekend was pretty good, some minory disagrements w/ jenn that I'm pretty sure were the direct resuly of lack of sleep, and worrying..

I love my lil PDA sometimes.. Plays me mp3's when I need it to,and does everything I need... I can say that I'm totally happy w/ it... (even though i still want to get it a camera)

I'm glad Katya got her ratties...it seems to make her very much happy... Sometimes it's the little small things that we love that can brighten a day immensly.

I forgot my bloody stylus at home again... Figures... All I have right now is my pen stylus, and I guess that works..

Some guy is coming over to talk about a generator for the house.. It seems these people want so much for the installation, sometimes eclipsing the actual cost of the product..

Bleh.. I need to make more money. I also need for those god damn mortgages to get paid out on the house we just sold. It'll be nice to have them cleared out when I go for student loans. Freedom is so right around the bend.

I'm thinking that I may not take a full class schedule next semester.. I probally will, but they'll be online classes... I need to build up money so that I can actually afford to move the hell out...

*imagines saying he's going off to class and really just goes to work*

Hmm... Where to apply though... I think I may and try to do best buy seasonal...I guess... Maybe I should try and hump Shinju's leg and see if he can put in a good word at best buy.. Hehe... 3rd times the charm eh zak and chris?

Other than that I should try and some gaming store, preferably one my family will never go to. I prefer it that way...

Leads to no awkward situatuons. I could try and do office work again, call a temp place... I need to find all my old info from the last job I did...

I think I am going to try for UMBC instead of Hawaii.. There is much more of a support network and people that want to bail out from their houses over here.. I think if Kelly can't move w/ Kira, she might do it, then Kat has said she has some interest.. I may be able to find some more.. The goal really is to get more people.. More people = less rent... Less rent = good.

hehe.. Otaku housing ghetto's... That's amusing..

I think I'll get up after this song and head to the classroom... Actually.. I think I'll do it now :)

Ja :)

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    lol posting to lj.... weeeird

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    And in the spirit of my last LJ Post, Happy 2011 everyone who I stalk on LJ :)

  • <3

    So after avoiding LJ for so long, I just want to drop by and say Happy New Years everyone :)

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