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On Life and SWG

It seems like the parking at school just gets worse and worse everyday... And the drivers dumber and dumber... Today's bright incident in the parking lot involved a female driving a new looking Ble Mustang into a similalrly new looking white lexus... And were not talking driving really.. More like backed up into it. Not only that, she did it broad side so that they ended up looking like a T. It's serving a nice job in blocking up the parking lot. On note though, the nice gentleman who let me take his parking spot, telling others to go away has my mad props. I'm deffinitly going to do that next time if I can for someone.. That was just class.

Jenn was over last night, and that was good.. I enjoy my time with her :)

I went PVP last night in Star Wars. Covert Imperial.. Though I'm wondering since I'm getting TEF's out the ass and attacked by all of them anyhow, why do I bother with Covert..

It ammused be btw that I took out a BountyHunter as my week as novice pistoleer / CH self. I fucked his action pool with Kip-Up Shot, and then he incapped me. One of the nice sideeffects of CH now, is being able to tell the pet to attack after death.. So as he was looming at me, Rasputin my Bulma got the Incap on him... We had a nice chat, and I woke up from incap and promptly deathblowed him. He complained a bit, but I don't trust anyone to not kill me as soon as they wake up... Btw.. Bwhahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahahha..

So far I'm 3 and 0 for PVP :)

Off to class... Ja!



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