Hellbuny (hellbuny) wrote,

Oh, Where to start in telling the tale that is my life... as ..well... boring and dull as it's been

I've waisted away an entire year of my life at UMD.. I've done basically nothing worth speaking of... and up until late, I had no muse to keep me rolling in life
AND I STILL DON"T!!! HAHAHAAHA whatcha think I did or something?

Oh, there are changes afoot in my life... for one I've been smushed into the presidency, rather warlordship of a campus club...the same one I joined many months back... the Maryland Medievel Mercenary Militia... they are giving me control of about 3k dollars... god I have to not succumb to my dark side... it's so tempting... On another note, people are coming and going in my life... I'm on talking terms with people I thought I'd never be talking to again.. but, necessity breeds for odd bedfellows... in a non sexual manner sickos.

Where is all this leading me, oh non existant reading audience? NOWHERE! however... I will be taking my classes a tad more seriously after the folly of my freshman year....

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