Hellbuny (hellbuny) wrote,

We must go Foward not backwards, upwards not fowards, and always twirrling Twirrling, TWIRRLING!!!!

Sorry, had a random simpsons moment.. God bless Kang.. or was it Kodos..eh. who can tell..

I'm so tired... was up to latge last night... so glad the semester is coming to a close soon. I'm not sure what I'm going to do this summer.. maybe something thing... go somewhere weird... I'm not sure where... but I'm sure I'm gonna go there. I want to have my car checked up and go on a roadtrip. I also want to get SCA qualified so I can fight in Penssic if I go. That reminds me I need to try and have my surgery re-scheduled so that I can go to it. Frankly I think I really want to.

That would make August a very compact and busy month though... busy w/ alot of fun stuff, but busy none the less.

One of my fish died last night... I tried to put him in my seperation tank, but he died none the less. Water was perfectly balanced, so I'm not sure what killed him. Medicated and everything, but still died. :( I really liked that fish too. *sigh*

And this weekend I'm going to see Hedwig :)

Class! aye!

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