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Another Day in Class

So there are alot of things bugging me as I'm sitting here waiting for class to start up.. My sister is at the top of the list of said things..

I've spent several days going over the schools she's thinking of...

She Says that the schools physical appearance has nothing to do with her choice at all, and that it's all about the academics and actual useful parts of the college..

This has me wondering.. if that's so, why is she choosing MD over GW? Md's honors program is a joke according to my friends who are in it, and these are people who actually like going to UMCP.

No one has said that the education she'd get for Pre-Med would be better at MD than GW. MD isn't known for it's pre-med program, it's become more of a tech school than that. GW is however known for Pre-Med.

I know it's her decision on where she goes, but if she's comparing something that can actually looked at and is making the wrong choice based on wrong data, I have to be concearned and try to change her mind. She's been saying that MD's education is better than GW. I have a hard time believing that. I honestly do.

Anyone of my LJ buddies want to bug their school councellors with her situation for me? I might call up Ms. Belford, my HS councellor and ask her since I respect her opinion. I need to call GW as well and see what they have to say.

I just want the best for her, and I want her to go to the right school for the right reasons, not my continued sinking suspicion that has been gaining more and more evidence that it is indeed true. and I honestly don't want to have to call her on it if I don't have to. Undoubtably it would make her endlessly mad at me, and would be like one of those cases where she probally would not talk to me for a very very long time.


Why the hell can't I just worry about my own problems which don't seem so worrysome in comparison..

And damnit, why do I feel like my dad sometimes in logic.. It scares me whenever we agree on something. It's never a good sign.

Later Peeps


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Apr. 29th, 2003 08:59 am (UTC)
Moop, I would be eternally grateful if you could bug your dad for me.. Were actually hoping my sis gets off the waitlist at Georgetown so that the whole GW vs UMCP thing doesn't even matter..

and were not worried about the money... just quality of education..
Apr. 29th, 2003 02:55 pm (UTC)
heya... i don't know anything about the situation or the reputations of the schools, but that won't stop me from commenting. :)

now, i don't know if they honestly have a premed major down there, but all you need for the prereq's are the four main sciences (bio, chem, physics, orgo), a year of math and a year of english. that's it. so unless she's gung ho on getting a science degree (which isn't necessary, no matter what ppl tell you), and MD truly sucks at science, it really isn't an issue regarding the sciences. i mean, there's plenty of ppl in my class with englishy backgrounds, and my friend patti was a dance major.

the main question of college should be going somewhere balanced - good education, good instructors, good people there, good class availability. i don't know if this is a private vs public school thing, which was really big in my high school. everyone said Queens College sucked since it was public, and i went to a private school. when i went to QC because of finaces, i found out it actually had a better science program. you had to learn, rather than having ample opportunity to copy.

so basically... no real advice here, but that if it's a question of where should she go for premed... look, it's basic sciences that are required, not neurobiology 301 or something like that. rather than dictating she has to go to a particular school, why not sit her down and have her explain what it is about MD that draws her? are her friends going there, too? did she get a better feel from students when she visited? because that does make a difference.
Apr. 29th, 2003 03:33 pm (UTC)
basically it's down to this... if she had been accepted into the 7 year ba to md program she would have gone to GW. but she wasn't, now she wants to go to MD. She's already farked up once.. she really wanted johsn hopkins or something of that kin, but she would do no early decisions and sent in her applications on the last day possible for all of her schools.

as to why she's going... she's telling 3 different stories. To some she says it's becuase MD looks nicer and has a better feeling campus, to others it's because she think md has a better pre-med program, and to others it's that she'll have an equal chance at a top (JH, GW's Grad program, Harvard, etc) Med School programs no matter how well she does and that it's all about the MCAT only.

Partially this is a Public vs Private thing... I go to MD... I know the science programs...I'm less than thrilled with the quality of instruction and such. I tend to believe that a class size of 500 vs one of 28 affords a student a better ability to get more attention from the prof. I have this strange thoght in the back of my head that a school which charges 42k a yeak vs a 5-8k one, the 42k one which has been around just as long may have a better standard... then again, I'm not a fan of public education..

I suppose it all boils down to her going to MD for the right reasons, adn she's telling way to many conflicting stories for me to be able to tell.. She's already settling for less than she wanted.. so who can tell..

bah... may 1.. I have till then, after that I don't want to know anymore past that.. she goes to md fine... I think she's shorting herself potential wise, but hey... that's up to her... she's dreamed of being a surgeon since as long as I've known her as my sister.. I just think that GW has the academic potential, and name rec. she's going to need to get into JH's med program, or GW's med program, or any of the miriad of highly competitive programs..
Apr. 29th, 2003 04:14 pm (UTC)

maybe she really doesn't know what she wants school-wise past the particular BA-MD prog, and doesn't want to admit it. that could be a source of the conflicting stories. and maybe she's like my bro, a procrastinator at heart and hopes she can slide a little more in the public school. if so, that's usually not the case, and procrastination can be a bad thing. yes, MCAT's are treated like the holy grail, mostly because different schools have different grading systems and different content. it's not that MCAT's are ranked alone; school does play a role. she can't screw up her classes and expect to do stellar on the MCAT's and be accepted. there's always the story of someone who does that, but it's rare. if you don't study, you can't do well on the test.

ultimately, it's all about her determination to get into surgery. it's competitive, it's tough, and it's ridiculously long. she should know this is what she wants and be willing to work hard for it, regardless of college.

and you knowing that the science dept is less than stellar is a little more important than price difference. :)

::hug:: it's frustrating, but hopefully she chooses somewhere that's right for her and what she's looking for in a college.
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