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To My Sister Nina...

Nina, sometimes I have problems with trying to get across what I want to say to you... I worry about upsetting you, and stressing you out.. but here goes..

HellBuny: ok, this is going to sound random... but, in your opinion if money and grades were not an issue, and you were acceptd at both, would you go to george washington university for pre-med or Maryland for the same thing?
IdleProcess: for premed? GW, hands down
IdleProcess: why?
HellBuny: my little sister is making that decision in favor of md.
IdleProcess: ...why?
HellBuny: I have no earthly reason to tell you why she would do that..
IdleProcess: Surely she must explain herself somehow
IdleProcess: (bigger school? better parties? more class options?)
HellBuny: I think she liked to look of MD with it's spraling whit columns and bricks, as opposed to the modern buildings in the heart of dc,,
IdleProcess: yeah, it's definitely prettier ^^
IdleProcess: but I can't imagine an academic reason
HellBuny: exactly... I'd imagine with med school and all, having a better academically respected school with a better program would be a good thing..
IdleProcess: yeah...
IdleProcess: that is puzzling
IdleProcess: well I mean...how long has she been thinking this way?
HellBuny: maryland originally was not an option... she has like a gpa of 4.8 something weighted, 1300 something SAT's..

she wanted johns hopkins, or somewhere else. She was accepted to U of MD, George Washington University, waitlisted at georgetown and brown..
IdleProcess: GW really seems like the best option, there
HellBuny: rather, UMD honors.
IdleProcess: bleh, UMD honors is worthless imo
IdleProcess: you take maybe 4 or 5 'honors' classes your entire time there
IdleProcess: when's the deadline to decide?
HellBuny: this coming wednesday
IdleProcess: oh man
IdleProcess: but I mean...yeah, GW is so great to begin with, especially for that


HellBuny: ok, this is going to sound random... but, in your opinion if money and grades were not an issue, and you were acceptd at both, would you go to george washington university for pre-med or Maryland for the same thing?
King of the j00s: i dunno
King of the j00s: i know nothing about GW
King of the j00s: and Maryland will just fuck you up the ass
King of the j00s: whyfore?
HellBuny: my sis is making that decision
King of the j00s: maryland kisses your ass when you apply and fucks you up the ass when you actually get on campus.


HellBuny: ok... question for you since you might know better..

ok, this is going to sound random... but, in your opinion if money and grades were not an issue, and you were acceptd at both, would you go to george washington university for pre-med or Maryland for the same thing?
HellBuny: yeah, it's ghey
Fordpr1020: your sister is choosing between them?
HellBuny: yes
Fordpr1020: at least she didn't make harvard
Fordpr1020: send her to GW, IIRC it's rated higher.
HellBuny: harvard's cheaper than GW
Fordpr1020: sheet
Fordpr1020: MD looks a lot nicer
Fordpr1020: but the budget cuts are making it a shitty place to go.
HellBuny: I'd imagine that academically, GW would have an edge, being private and well funded, not to mention name recognition when it comes to grad/med school time
Fordpr1020: GW.
Fordpr1020: I got in to GW for undergrad.
Fordpr1020: Pity they didn't want me for grad school.
HellBuny: so, I have to ask... why didn't you go there for undergrad vs md?
Fordpr1020: money.
Fordpr1020: GW didn't offer me a cent.
Fordpr1020: It came down to Rochester and UMD because they were kicking in the cash.

These 3 people are UMD students, and 2 are in the honors program.. and 2/3 of them don't hate md w/ a passion

Weight the Pros and cons..

UMD: Pro
Pretty.. very much so.. I'll never deny that.
Decent program academically

doesn't have a famous med school attached to the college ie JH, Harvard, etc
No guarantee w/ grad/med school would all depend on you.
Large class sizes

GW: Pro
High ranking pre-med program
excellent academic program
small class sizes

Ugly college town
No Guarantee of Grad/Med School

Money is not any concearn here

Just tell me that you understand you are willingly going to accept a weaker academic program, with a lower ranking school, and that you understand that GW has a better academic program. If you have any doubts as to the validity of that , call the schools.. talk to a GW and a UMD counsellor and see wha tthey have to say.. and specifically ask them which school is better and why.

this has nothing to do with my future Nina... only yours.. and I'm only concearned because I want the best for you and your dreams. I have a hard enough trying to express myself when it comes to talking out loud... but this is my piece, and I had to say it.


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Apr. 27th, 2003 09:36 pm (UTC)
As one of the participants...
I love UMD. These have been some of the best years of my life, and the thought of having to leave the area after graduating next month scares the living fuck out of me.

That said, the budget cuts really have made Maryland an extremely unattractive place to go. Yes, it's pretty, yes, it's got the best fucking location out there. However, all the BS going on now with housing crunches, staff cuts, maintenance cuts (they've delayed the A/C in my building from last Monday to the first week with four consecutive 80 degree days - aka never, meanwhile it's stifling in my room), and even little things like the end of hot food for breakfast (I like scrambled eggs, dammit!) as well as the $350 tuition hike for out of staters like me, at least another $350 hike for next year on top of the usual increases, and the increasing problems with campus affairs make me glad to be graduating.

That said, GWU can fuck you over pretty hard too. At least you probably don't have to pay for it out of your own pocket - I know someone who's had his loans fucked over by GW three times in two years, not a pretty track record. If you don't want to see the concrete campus all the time, get an apartment in NoVA and commute by rail every day. Sure it'll be a sucky commute, but you'll have air conditioning (which 95% of UMD freshmen don't) and broadband that's not eaten up by Kazaa users (which everyone at UMD does have).

OK, I've preached long enough. And, in the end, it's your choice. If one school clicks with you and the other doesn't, that's the one to go to. I could have gone to Rochester, but after being on the campus for five minutes I knew that it was nowhere that I ever wanted to be.
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