Hellbuny (hellbuny) wrote,

God Speed Nick.... God speed...

HellBuny: yo yo yo..
HellBuny: still in the states?
idiosocratic: yep, last one. it's like the last long hard drag on a cigarette.
HellBuny: last day or last state or?
HellBuny: *is confuzzled*
idiosocratic: last day
HellBuny: suck.. your leaving tommorw?
idiosocratic: my last state will be california
HellBuny: evening or day?
idiosocratic: around noon
HellBuny: well man.... safe journies and safe flight... good tme to be geting out of the US anyhow..
HellBuny: send me the addy of your palce when ya get there... I still ahve a post-card a friend is holding from one of my road-trips that needs to get sent out ;-)
idiosocratic: thanks, i'll definitely do that. so what about yoruself, any international travel plans in the future?
HellBuny: no interntional plans but within 12 months I'll be making an escape somewhere..
HellBuny: maybe newfoundlaand if I feel adenturou
HellBuny: s
idiosocratic: right, i remember you telling me. is that when you graduate?
HellBuny: not so much... I'll graduate in 2 years from a 4 year college..
HellBuny: but that's unacceptable to my dad
HellBuny: so I'll be doing a student loan
HellBuny: and as such I'm going to leave this area..
HellBuny: gotta put teh gates down ona few bridges till I'm done
idiosocratic: jen coming with?
HellBuny: most likely yeah
HellBuny: she's trying to find a bank with nationwide locales so she can just transfer
idiosocratic: hmm... any transnational banks she
idiosocratic: 'll be able to work at in Newfie?
HellBuny: doubt it..
HellBuny: which is why we may be states bound for awhile
idiosocratic: a change of scene is always good for the soul. i hope you find wherever it is you're looking for
HellBuny: not looking for anywhing.. moving out of necesity of a non understanding father..

but I do wish you the same.. just come back every once in a while..

or not.. I've always wanted to travel abroad ;-)
idiosocratic: then do it, we need more people like you kicking around in the world. once you eat enough ramen and potatoes to save up for airfare, day to day living abroad is at least as cheap as hanging around here.
HellBuny: oh I have no doubt about that... travelling is only expensive if you act like a traveller..
HellBuny: tourist rather
idiosocratic: good, with that in mind, i expect to see you in some turkish coffe house someday
idiosocratic: i've got to finish packing, i'm glad i ran into you before i left.
HellBuny: I'd be dissapointed with myself if I neer made it..
idiosocratic: catch you on the flip side :-)
HellBuny: me to Nick... take care of yourself man.. and if there is anything I can do for ya state side, lemme know
HellBuny: catch ya on the flip side man ^_^
idiosocratic signed off at 10:11:05 PM.

I will make it to our appointment.
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