Hellbuny (hellbuny) wrote,

Full Name: Sean B Chiochankitmun (it's just B. It stands for nothing)
Nicknames: Hellbuny, HB, You Bastard,
Age: 21
Birthday: 8/7/1981
Gender: Male
Location: Gaithersburg, MD
Any past locations: Hell
Enemies: Oh... probally a few.. and the list is growing
Are you in a good mood or bad mood: A Bit Sleepy
Friends: Uh huh... a few IRL, but most online...
Hair color: Naturaly Brown, but purple right now
Eye color: Shit Brown
Skin color: Asian / White mixed.. so... darklightish?
Hairstyle: Short, on it's way out, with buzzed sides
Height: 5'11"
Glasses: Nein
Braces or no: Never, and I will never need em either.. I have good teeth!
Retainer or no: See above asshat
Freckles or no: a few all over the place... and a 30 cm (well.. 15 now) birthmark
Piercings/Tattoos: multiple ears, tongue, and my eyebrow when i feel like it.. tattoos when I find something I want on me
Kind of clothes you wear: anything clean? mostly black...
Jewelry: my gold buddah, and 2 or so multiballed chains around each wrist
Makeup you wear: occasionally eyeshaddow
Shampoo you use: Aussies Essentials
Do you think you're good looking, bad looking, average? eh.. I need to lose a bit of weight, then I'll be happier
Do you think you're a good person or a bad person: Good person.. but I do bad things sometimes

Color: Blue
Number: 7
Perfume: Old Spice Deodorant?
Type of music: Rock, Metal, Metal, Metal, alternative, classical (symphonies),
Bands: Tons. Smashing Pumpkins, Andrew W.K. (I've touched him!) many more
Singers: Andrew W.K., Billy Corgan
Item of clothing you own: My Otakon Staff Shirt(s)

Animal: Turtles
Food: Sashimi
Drink: Dr. Pepper, or Red Fusion
Party place: I'd have to arty first
Place to hang: anywhere my friends are?
Place to shop: Online

Hobby:Medieval Fighting, and/ or Otakon
Sport: Medieval Fighting
Cereal: Booberry
Cutest Actor and Actress: christopher walken or Al Pacino.. scary.. but.. well.. damn! actress.. Kirsten Dunst
Song: Smashing Pumpkins - Today
Book: The Redwall Series
Person to tell your problems to: Jenn, K-chan, MC (when I actually talk about em ;) )
Person to talk on the phone with: Jenn.. since.. well.. she's the only person I talk to on the phone
Person to have adventures with: Chris..
Person you can do nothing with, but still have a good time: Jenn, Chris

Have you ever...
Had sex?: :D yes
Eaten a bug?: yup! the thigns we boys will do on a dare
Dance around naked?: it's a scary scary sight
Lied about your bra/jock strap size? Nope! Nope... I'm comfortable w/ myself
Gotten drunk?: Mm... Rum
Gotten high?: Maaaaaybe.. hehe.. *hides stuff*
Smoked a cigarette?: Nope!
Run away from cops?: only in GTA 3
Flip off your parents behind their back?: I do it in front of their faces
Mentally undressed someone?: Yep
Physically undressed someone?: I can take off Bra's one handed ^_^
Eaten crayons?: I ated the purple berry!
Shoplifted?: Nope.. well... taking from our families store doesnt count
Held a gun?: *shoots foot* oww!! yes... I have...
Seriously injured someone?: teeheehee yup
Seriously injured yourself purposely?: only minor wounds thanks
Broken a mirror?: not really I think..
Made or used a voodoo doll?: I had one at Otakon

Last time you...
Went to a dance?: My Senior Prom
Danced at home: a few months back
Sang out loud?: when I was in the car driving home
Went to a porno website?: who needs to? I have enough already.. wait... you can never have enough *goes now*
Ate a pickle?: I ate pickeled cabbage at lunch!
Threw something?: *throws book accross room*
Broke something?: a paintball in my mouth
Screamed?: while singing on the way home
Got angry?: when I was at my moms
Watched a cartoon?: My Beavis and Butthead DVD's
Brushed your teeth?: This mornng..
Played outside?: not recently w/ sniper boy having fun
Brushed your hair?: No need.. hehe I wear a hat
Had a heartfelt conversation with someone?: not for a bit.. a month or so.. well.. defin heartfelt? i mean.. I have lots of
meaningful conversations I treasure.. and I think are important... but like dunno..
Did something you really enjoyed?: I ate Kimchi at lunch today w/ my lil bro... that was good.
Fell in love?: a year and a half ago... I haven't fallen out of it since

Do you:

Have a pager? had
Have a cell phone? yuppers
Have a fax machine? yes
Have a laptop: Nyes
Have money in your pocket right now? I'm in my undies.. so no
Have a mental disease?: being a flamig asshat a disease?
Lie to people to make them think well of you? No...
See a psychiatrist? Never
Have behavioral problems? Kinda? heh...hehe...hehehehhe... yes
Wet the bed? not since I can remember
Have a car? Honda Insight
Have self esteem problems? Perpetually

End stuff:

Who sent this to you? I yoinked it from K-chans LJ
Are they nice? well... I guess... she's a bit of a pain ;) *huggles* j/k! she's great!
Say one nice thing about them: I don't think that I could only say one nice thing..
Who do you think isn't going to fill this survey out but you want them to do it: Chris... because he posts so damn infrequently
Say good-bye: You are the Weakest Link. Good-bye.
Tell me you love me: But I don't... I'm sorry... I hope we can still be friends..your like a sister to me... *falls over
laughing at the most hated lines to be heard by guys*

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    lol posting to lj.... weeeird

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    And in the spirit of my last LJ Post, Happy 2011 everyone who I stalk on LJ :)

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    So after avoiding LJ for so long, I just want to drop by and say Happy New Years everyone :)

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