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Camping with my peeps...

So I've been lamenting my lack of camping... and after clearing it with the girl (she suggested it actually!) we are going to plan a camping trip around her birthday. (9/21)

Why am I posting this on LJ?

Because I want you all to come to. I'm going to post this elsewhere, but here comes first. And by all, I mean anyone that is free. Don't worry about a lack of camping gear, or camping experience because we can take care of that easily.

So the essentials:
What: A birthday camping trip to Assateague Island National Seashore
When: 9/19-9/22 2008 (you can come for all or just some, and that's leave friday and comeback monday for those interested)
Who: Anyone who loves alice, and if you don't come she will cry. And if you don't know alice, just come because camping is fun.
Why: Because camping is fun. Beach Fires, Sand, Cook-outs, fun. Fly a kite and all that jazz

If you are interested, drop a post here and I'll get an e-mail list going so we can plan things out, and what not. I'll take care of the camping reservations etc.

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