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Nerd moment of today..

While playing Meccha! Taiko no Tatsujin DS: 7tsu no Shima no Daibouken (the second DS Taiko drumming game) I hear a song called DAYBREAK'S BELL and I was that totally sounds like L'Arc~en~Ciel.

and I was right! holy crap! I recognized a japanese singer's voice & band! (this may sound like nothing to most j-pop fans, but I'm normally lucky If I can pick anyone out of the jpop crowd)

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    lol posting to lj.... weeeird

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    And in the spirit of my last LJ Post, Happy 2011 everyone who I stalk on LJ :)

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    So after avoiding LJ for so long, I just want to drop by and say Happy New Years everyone :)

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