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The State of the Sean Address

So a few of you know of upcoming plans, a most of you don't, and I'm guessing more than a few people are wondering what the hell is going on with me right now...

First off I will say that in the month of December I was not in the best of places, which is prompting the change in environments that is about to happen again. When I came home it was with the understanding I wanted to pick up one of the manager positions in our stores and get myself back on my feet post Silver Spring and the blow up at REI. We decided to form a company and I've been working for the better part of the year installing Security Camera systems up and down the east coast.

In theory this should have netted me a lot more money. I'm not going to say that part of the lessened income was due to moving back home but I made under 12k last year and that's just pathetic. My dad has an iron grip on the company and that what was supposed to provide income and stability isn't. I've been paying expenses out of pocket and for literally the entire month of December I had maybe $30 to my name.

So i'm looking to jump ship and head down to Raleigh around the same time as com con is going on. Yeah, it's not the worlds best timing, but let me tell ya, it's better than if it was going on later in the year. I have enough money saved to do this sucessfully and moving anywhere the cost of living isn't as fucked as it is in Montgomery County MD will help

So what does this mean for yours truly

1.) Time has been extremely limited and my patience with the world has been extremely thin. If I've been offline or non communicative (though I'm up to date on e-mails and any Otakon work) in my personal life that's why.

2.) The Prime dates for me jumping ship are 1/20-23, Directly after Comcon the following weekend, or the weekend after that.

3.) I'm not sure what I'm going to be doing between now and the Japan trip for Otakon in March, or what I'm doing after that. Honestly I have a bit of a travel bug biting my ass right now so I might be doing some road tripping.

4.) Through the power of the internet I should be actually more active online in the coming weeks that I have been. You really didn't want to talk to me for the past 2 months, it's not been a pleasant time. Lets just say I hit bottom at the beginning of December and it was a very broken month.

5.) If you need something from me urgently please call me on 301 661 9734 which will remain active for now, though I may have a number change soon. Alternatively IM, and e-mail still works great.

Alice is as supportive of my cracked out situation as she can be and I really have to thank her worlds for giving me a place to head to from MD.

Short term plan is regain sanity, do some temp work pre-Japan, then hunker down and make some cash ahead of otakon. In the fall I want to be back in school at least part time, with Full Time in the coming spring. I don't mind working 6 days a week as long as I actually get paid for the work I'm doing.

The idea of going Scorched Earth at home just seems so cathartic right now.

As of now, the probability I'm coming is 100%, with a 90% chance of the dates previously mentioned being the exit dates from the 'rents.
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