Hellbuny (hellbuny) wrote,

Beach and Otakon? They do not Mix!


Secondly I hate the internet at the beach. *sends off many otakon related e-mails*

Lastly, I can't complain to much, beach is the good.

The restaurant last night was suck. Telling me that you couldn't get my lambchops medium rare or rare because they were already done and pre-cooked is a sure way to make sure I never eat there again. Also Tszaki sauce + mashed potatoes = Fucking gross.

I also snapped the center pole on my kite by crashing it into the ocean and having it sucked out. To bad the ocean didn't realize I'm flying with 300# spectra lines, and I got my kite back. Also knowing I would break some damn spars flying the beast (Revolution Blast 2-4 10 foot long kite) I brought plenty of extras, though I'm not happy about snapping a $20 dollar pole.

Now I go get lunch (mmmm.. Seafood), maybe finally see PoTC(3), and check more e-mails later(Damn you Otakon.)

Maybe I'll form a convention that runs at a beach, "Anime Fun & the Sun" Anyone?

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    lol posting to lj.... weeeird

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    And in the spirit of my last LJ Post, Happy 2011 everyone who I stalk on LJ :)

  • <3

    So after avoiding LJ for so long, I just want to drop by and say Happy New Years everyone :)

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