August 31st, 2007


LiveJournal auto-post

I have 3 gmail invites... if you are on my friends list.

2.)If I am wrong, tell me I am wrong. Don't let me think something I'm doing, or some way I'm acting is right, if it isn't.

3.)Realize that if I disagree with you, it's not because I don't want to be able to find some more.. The goal really is to get more people.. More people = less rent... Less rent = good.

hehe.. Otaku housing ghetto's... That's amusing..

I think I'll get up after this song and head to the classroom... Actually.. I think I'll do it now :)

Ja :)


So I've been bad and neglectful of my LJ

I've been bad and neglectful of muh Flick as well.

Working on a huge proposal has been eating up my time...

Bah. I almost hope it fails so I have an excuse to move to NC. (not that I don't already have plenty of reasons)