May 28th, 2005

Ranger, Danger Giant Ranger

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*Yawn* Tiiiiiired.

Was over at Kira's house w/ Kelly and Jake last night, and of course Kira ^^

Had a good time, evening went pretty well in my opinion... I need to work on my Sticky game fu though.

I think were going to all go out and geocache today!

We tried to do it last night on a lark, but they are a bit hard to find at night (no one believed me ;) )

We did manage to find one Virtual Cache, but that one was not very hard. I'll need to send in my pic to get credit for that one :0)

It's nice to be able to check out 2 GPS's in addition to my GPSMAP 60CS

They thought I was all broody about going last night, it was kinda amusing... I was just wishing I had my data transfer cable so I could have just downloaded from (I splurged and bought a premium membership last night)

I think I need to get my hands on some travel bugs, I just need to find something that will make a good travel bug. I'm thinking that a REI nametag, or maybe a 7-Eleven one as well will be pretty cool.

I'm also thinking about trying to get a challange grant to set up a multi cache for REI. I think it would be farking awesome to do, and have the end point be REI College Park. A few little trinkets will lead to a nice lil reward.

That and I'm bitter that the Magellan GPS thing that's going to go on is going to be completly out of my market. That's fucking annoying.

But, I digress. This weekend will be lots of fun, and aside from me updating from 7-Eleven, I'm going to be pretty scarce online this weekend and I couldn't be happier!

*revised timeline thanks to an asshat employee*
I think I need to get back to work so I can try and get back to Kira's at a reasonable hour. I have to finish the paperwork here, and in theory if I bust my ass I can do so by 10:00. After that it'll take me ~25 minutes to get to 7 Street 7-Eleven to repair the security system, which should take about 30 minutes... After that I'll head to REI CP (travel time of 25 minutes down Rhode Island... So it turns out I'll be right by Jake's house afterall.. d'oh!) to pick up a pair of Safari pants (need something long and cool, maybe exofficio, or something like that, depends on what fits and/or what's cheap), which should only take 10 minutes depending on talking, then another 25 minutes back to Columbia, where I want to nap for ~1.5 hours, then shower(5 mins), change, and head back to Kira's, which will take ~35-40 minutes.)... *adds up eta to Kira's* ~ 2:10 pm

Ok, time to bust some hump and see if I can actually keep my schedule and not fall asleep while doing paperwork ^_^;

Oh, and Kelly, Kira, Jake, if you see this, you'll want to be wearing long pants and closed toed shoes. If you have em, bring gloves, and I'll pick up some bug repellant/sun screen from REI while I'm out :)

Pack a day pack! Who knows how many caches we can get in a day with 3 GPS's, 3 Radios and 4 people ^^
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