January 26th, 2005


Interesting times...

So... I found out last week that I landed the job as the visual presentation specialist for REI... I was totally farkin excited... I was going to be getting 8.50 an hour and would be at full time, somewhere between 32 and 40 hours a week($14144 - $17680/yr).. Which means I'd get benefits etc etc... I found out today I won't be taking the job..


Because REI in College Park is hiring me as their Adminstrative Specialist.... What does that mean? It means I'm no longer a normal retail grunt! I'm now some odd limbo between regular staff and managment...it also means they're giving me 12/hour and 40 hours deffinitly a week.. I can't say no to $24960/yr... and considering a week ago I was making $11050/yr... I'm slightly estatic right now..

Project Otaku House, Prepped for launch, cash tanks fueling, awaiting blastoff command...

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