May 6th, 2003



As I'm sitting here in class I'm listening to people talk about getting drunk to the point of puking. Morons. the whole lot of them.

so tired of these people.. only 2 people aside from the teacher that I have any respect for.


I decided to go back to sleep before my class for about 30 minutes, in the span I usually catch up on my morning online stuff..

booooooy did I have some weird ass dreams..
First off apparantly thought that putting my computer out by the side of the road was a good thing since it was more private, then suddenly a party happened, and I went back outside and my computer case was filled with mud and the coolers had broken off. But my PDA was ok and I could go to class

Then I looked at the clock and realized in dream that it was 9PM not 9AM when my class is, and I had failed the class because of it.

Then my dad yelled at me for being rude to my Aunt Suwanna by having a class this night.. cept my aunt wasn't my aunt... it was Hedwig.

*/end dream*

Man.. all in the span of 30 minutes of sleep... I wonder what the hell brought those on? hehe..