April 29th, 2003


Another Day in Class

So there are alot of things bugging me as I'm sitting here waiting for class to start up.. My sister is at the top of the list of said things..

I've spent several days going over the schools she's thinking of...

She Says that the schools physical appearance has nothing to do with her choice at all, and that it's all about the academics and actual useful parts of the college..

This has me wondering.. if that's so, why is she choosing MD over GW? Md's honors program is a joke according to my friends who are in it, and these are people who actually like going to UMCP.

No one has said that the education she'd get for Pre-Med would be better at MD than GW. MD isn't known for it's pre-med program, it's become more of a tech school than that. GW is however known for Pre-Med.

I know it's her decision on where she goes, but if she's comparing something that can actually looked at and is making the wrong choice based on wrong data, I have to be concearned and try to change her mind. She's been saying that MD's education is better than GW. I have a hard time believing that. I honestly do.

Anyone of my LJ buddies want to bug their school councellors with her situation for me? I might call up Ms. Belford, my HS councellor and ask her since I respect her opinion. I need to call GW as well and see what they have to say.

I just want the best for her, and I want her to go to the right school for the right reasons, not my continued sinking suspicion that has been gaining more and more evidence that it is indeed true. and I honestly don't want to have to call her on it if I don't have to. Undoubtably it would make her endlessly mad at me, and would be like one of those cases where she probally would not talk to me for a very very long time.


Why the hell can't I just worry about my own problems which don't seem so worrysome in comparison..

And damnit, why do I feel like my dad sometimes in logic.. It scares me whenever we agree on something. It's never a good sign.

Later Peeps
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