August 27th, 2002


A few thoughts on a show i like.. hehe

So as I'm watching the Powerpuff girls, I'm reminded of a few horrible reasons why I never want to live in townsville.

1.) Jesus H Christ.... how in GODS name did mayor get to be mayor? he's a fricking incompetent boob!
2.) All emergencies seem to be routed through Mayor... again.. ahhh! scary ass thought!
3.)The Amobea gang... how did they attain sentience? and how do amobea get to be that big?
4.) Poor mojo... always getting messed up.. hasn't townsvill ever heard of reform? and talk about an open door prison policy..
5.) The sheer fact that they will throw any child they want into jail.. now matter how young! Princess, the neighbors kids... still! in prison! what are they 9?

I'll add more later.. ^_^

oh... and I <3 Bubbles :)

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penultimate03: you're very insightful
HellBuny: hehehe.. no.. I just watch to many cartoons..
penultimate03: yeah, darnit, what the hell is wrong with you?
HellBuny: the first thing that comes in mind... alot.