June 14th, 2002


My 100 things about ME

Well.. I'm going to be even more of an idea thief than Katya was, cuz I'm stealing a stolen Idea now!

1.) Im Messy
2.) No… Take that back, I'm Really damn Messy
3.) I'm so messy in that matter, that when. I moved out of my College Dorm after a year it took 12 bags to clear the wreckage we collected over a year
4.) I used to be a Comp Sci Major
5.) I used to be a Marine Biology Major
6.) I'm currently a Criminal Justice major and I want to be a cop
7.) I love Steamed Dumplings
8.) I have a really weird Pattern of Capitalization
9.) I'm a Huge Nerd
10.) I play online MMORPGS (Massively Multiplayer Online Role playing Games)
11.) I'm obsessed with having a l337 computer.
12.) I can write and read l337 Speech
13.) I love anime
14.) I'm on Otakon Staff... This makes me indescribably happy
15.) If you've ever talked to me you've noticed I put "…" between my sentences… And after...
16.) I'm obsessed with Urusei Yatsura
17.) I'm less obsessed than I used to be. I've expanded my obsession to other Anime
18.) I hate Whiners.
19.) I hate people who are fake
20.) I'm a one trick pony.. If I'm going out with someone.. I'm blind to the world.
21.) I fight do Medieval Style Fighting/Combat
22.) I have good reflexes
23.) I'm pretty Strong
24.) I'm back working out to get buff/ lose weight
25.) I paint miniatures
26.) I play D&D
27.) In the online RPG I play, no one knows I'm a male. I've been roleplaying a girl for 3 years
28.) I sleep with a Down comforter year round
29.) I fall asleep in Sunbeams
30.) I snore like a chainsaw
31.) I own a chainsaw
32.) I have 2 pet turtles, Crunchy and Bob
33.) I renamed them Crunchy and Bob, rather than Bevis and Butthead
34.) I have insomnia because I have a slight fear of sleeping
35.) Whenever I hear about death, or think about it, I run the scenario in my mind and imagine what it would feel like… the pain..
36.) 35 is why I have a fear of sleeping. If I'm going to die I want to fight it.. not just pass into the night
37.) Most times in a Row… For what… don't ask.
38.) I love Dr. Pepper
39.) My Favorite Soda is Ramune, or Marble Drink as it's sometimes called.
40.) I'm a Complete and Total Klutz Sometimes
41.) I have a Golden Retriever named Belle, who is more my moms now than any ones
42.) I love the Redwall Book Series
43.) I love the Smashing Pumpkins
44.) I love Roller coasters
45.) I love the Ocean
46.) I LOOOOOVE Invader Zim
47.) I'm good with my hands
48.) Not like that sicko, I'm good at sewing, woodworking and leatherworking
49.) I give good massages
50.) I'm a Head banger
51.) I play Bass
52.) I play the trombone
53.) I like dying my hair
54.) I love to Draw
55.) I love to chat online…. Yeah.. who coulda guessed that eh?
56.) I have 1 brother, 1 Half Brother, and 1 Half Sister
57.) I Love Mash
58.) I love Jenn
59.) Jenn is My girlfriend
60.) I love Cheese
61.) I have a pierced tongue
62.) I plan on getting tattoos once I figure out what I want
63.) My Last name has 14 letters in it
64.) I'm half Thai, and ½ Irish/European/Native American
65.) This is Not the Greatest Song in the world… this is just a Tribute
666.) oops.. hehe *devilish grin*
67.) All Good Girls Go To Heaven
68.) I HATE Scooby Doo
69.) hehehe…. 69 >:D
70.) I put My leg to Sleep for fun
71.) I've broken most of my fingers.
72.) I've broken both my ankles several times
73.) Chris is My Best friend
74.) I'm going to be his best man at his wedding
75.) I was born August 7, 1981 in Holy Cross Hospital at 9:35 PM
76.) I Fly Kites for fun
77.) My most expensive cost well above $400 when I bought it.
78.) I love Assateague Island, it's my favorite park
79.) I used to be a Boyscout, but I had issues with the leadership so I quit
80.) I used to drive a Chrysler Lebaron (aries type, ya know.. Grandma Car) Till it Tried to have a Threesome with a Saab and a Ford.
81.) I used to Drive a Volvo 740 GLE till I had the Brake rotor Crack on me while driving
82) I used to Drive a Mercedes SLK 230 till my dad decided he liked it and wanted to drive it
83.) I Currently Drive a Honda Insight, silver, That kicks all Ass.
84.) My Car has Fuzzy Dice on the rearview
85.)I love sushi, Sashimi and Rolls, My favorite though is Unagi, or Tuna.
86.) Pick up Stix!
87.)I love playing Pinball. My father shares a similar obsession
88.) I once played a 5 hour pinball game on 1 quarter
89.) I like to play shooting games. I have never left a quickdraw game without beating the top score
90.) I want to get my weight under 250(hard to do when weight training) So I can Skydive
91.) I Play with Legos
92.) I play with Lego Mindstorms :
93.) I have a Boba Fett obsession
94.) When Winter Comes around I always Wear a Black Trenchcoat
95.) I only wear black because they haven't' invented a darker colour
96.) My Favorite Color is Dark Blue / Dark Purple
97.) Contrary To the buny in my name I AM NOT A GIRL!!!!!!!!
98.) I own the domains gothicbunny.com, hellbuny.com, and crunchyandbob.com
99.) I like to think and analyze things , problems, and people
100.) I ated the purple Berry… oww…ewww..maaaaurrr… They tastes like Burning!
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