Hellbuny (hellbuny) wrote,

Where I am

Alot has changed in this last year of my life... You could say I've had a larger dose of reality than I was ready for, but I none the less took it. I've been applying myself more than I have in several years... and I've had a few personal breakthroughs, that while I won't say what are... truly are helping me to accept some very important issues in my life..

Soon I'm going to re-vamp my site... It'll look nice, reduce alot of the clutter... and I'll shake off the html dust gathering on my fingers..

I've taken up the hoby of photoshopping on Fark... I like my work so far... and I'm getting better.. hehe

And... I can say my anime type drawing has really progressed well.. While I'm nowhere the level Chris is... I'm getting better... and I'm really happy about that..

I'm coming up on one year with Jenn... well.. our decided on aniversary since neither of us know an exact date... April 13th.. (that was Friday the 13th last year) And I'm honestly really happy...

Otakon is coming along well for me... I've started answering some of the Gopher E-mail, and I'm on Cosplay as well...

Well... that's all for now... I'm sure I'll think of something else to go in this summary..

oh oh oh... like the fact I'm Divesting myself of much of markland.. just going when i want to... I'm not In Galacia anymore... and I can I'm not happy with many over in that camp... Though I can honestly say the people I'm camping with are really the people I want to be in a group with.

well.. Toodle-loo for now
Sean "Hellbuny" Chiochankitmun

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    lol posting to lj.... weeeird

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    And in the spirit of my last LJ Post, Happy 2011 everyone who I stalk on LJ :)

  • <3

    So after avoiding LJ for so long, I just want to drop by and say Happy New Years everyone :)

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