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For a few things of note.

1.) That plunger? New. Never been used on anything but the sink, bought purposefully for trying to unclog the sink.

2.) Very hard to clean up dishes when the sink will leak out of the bottom if left with any water in it (and yes, maintaince has been called) And for the love of god I hope you didn't start the dishwasher, as it drains into the sink and will wind up flooding our neighbors below us.

3.) Neither I, nor anyone I have over uses your bathroom. I make a very specific point of telling them not to go in there. And as to locking your bathroom? what are you talking about, it's always open, I've never seen it locked or closed without you in it since we moved in.

4.) As to not being thanked, Thank you for cleaning up. I do appreciate it, and I do appologize for the state the kitchen was in, there are as you know extenuating circimstances.

5.) The dishes that were out were not washed because of a lack of a sink to wash them in, and no offense, I'm not washing them in my bathroom. The sink is due to be fixed, or we get money off of our rent. If you want to do something productive over why I didn't clean, go down to the office and ask about the status of the repair. Even though you didn't know, or don't believe me, I had every intention of cleaning the entire kitchen when the sink was repaired, because alot of the mess ceneterd around things that needed to be washed.

6.) Any mess I might leave (and contrary to what you post, the majority of the time, it's not like that) pales in comparision to the piss smell that eminates from your rats. In the Dining room. With their shit and piss covered bedding being strewn about the floor. and as to being thanked, kthnx is not my idea of a thank you for watching out after your rats, even when you don't bother to ask me to watch them, as was the case this week. you may want to check the brown one, she seems to be hiding in the nest a bit more than she normally does, and seems hesitant to eat.

7.) As to the thing you left outside of my door, most likely I'd have never noticed it. I don't in a general fashion even turn the hall light on when I come in, and I don't linger in the hall lest you might think I'm standing out there for some ill purpose.


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Jul. 9th, 2005 08:34 pm (UTC)
I. Hate. Roommates.
Jul. 9th, 2005 09:50 pm (UTC)
Maybe she'll remember to flush her toilet before she leaves for a week from now on.

Though she's left before without giving her "beloved" rats food and water, so maybe not.
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