Hellbuny (hellbuny) wrote,

Stolen From mooP


Thanks for the great new icon :-D

*flaunts his republicanism*

and in other nerd news, the Power Scorge looks so much better than a chain fist on my dreadnaught... that and danit, my army is about a thouusand points and I don't think chris wants to play that big..

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    So I've been lamenting my lack of camping... and after clearing it with the girl (she suggested it actually!) we are going to plan a camping trip…

  • OMFG Birthday!

    Happy birthday vyxle!! Such a nice lady ^_^

  • Back from Hawaii, beware of pics :)

    yeah, expect alot of this, though most will be behind a cut, but gotta shove some fun ones out there without cutting :)

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